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1. What is LXF?

LXF stands for the League of Extraordinary furries.

2. So what is all about?

Click on the "About" tab to find out. There really isn't much to tell. Basically it's a webcomic that features furries and superheroes.

3. Why superheroes?

The superhero genre is one of my favorite ever since I was little. I just find it fitting that my first webcomic will be about superheroes.

4. Why furries?

More of a personal choice actually. I just recently joined the furry community and found it appropriate that I use the furry genre in the webcomic.

5. Who are the superheroes that has influenced you greatly?

I would have to say most of the superhero characters of the Marvel Universe, because they show more "realistic" characters than other superhero universes. Not everything there is Black and White, there is always the Gray area. I'm particularly influenced by the superhero groups The Avengers and The X-Men. There is another one that had a great impact on me, the Marvel New Universe. Think of the TV series "Heroes".

6. So will the stories in the webcomic resemble "Heroes"?

Probably a bit, but there wil be costumed superheroes and supervillain roaming around.

7. What features of the webcomics will make it different form the rest?

Honestly, I wouldn't know. For me to answer that means I would have read every webcomic that had ever been posted and/or published... and that is a LOT! What I can say is different here is that most of the Heroes and Villains are actually avatars of my Live Journal friends. I made an announcement on June 28, 2006, asking anyone if they want their character or avatar to star in the webcomic, and they did apply.

8. How many were there?

Upto date? 21

9. Are you still looking for more?

Not at the moment, but then again, I might reconcider.

10. What else can you add about the comic?

Nothing right now, but if anybody out there has a question about the comic, feel free to ask.

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