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Salen Stormwing

A billionare philanthropist with a big heart. He uses his wealth and power to help those furries in need. He owns the Stormwing Foundation, charitable organization that handles all types of assistance and projects ranging from environmental awareness and employment services to government assistance and even rescue missions. He also makes sure that he gets involved with every aspect of his businsess personally.


A bitter, cold-hearted furry that has lived all his life in misery all due to the Stormwing family (or so he says). He joined the terrorist group "The Order of The Ebon Paws" convincing them that he believes in their cause. He however has a different agenda. Motivated by revenge, he will not stop until makes the Stormwings taste humiliation, misery and defeat.

Lt. Steven Brock

A true honorable furry, he has been know to be fair and just. Always upholding the law, but never forgetting that there are always special cases, exception to the rule. Though a Kind soul, he has also been known to be aggressive should the need arise.

Douglas St.George

(Polar Bear)
Salen's friend and personal bodyguard. A kindhearted fellow, if a bit overprotective at times. He is never away from Salenís side whenever he goes out on business trips. Salen has his habit of always trying to lose him, but he always manages to find him.

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